Arrowhead Plant


The Syngonium or ‘arrowhead plant’ is distinctive not only for its arrow-shaped leaves but also its striking colours that range from dusky pink through to vibrant green.

This tropical plant likes moisture, so water a couple of times a week and mist regularly. It does best in medium to bright light, so keep in a sunny room but out of direct light.

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Key Facts

  • Origin
    Central and South America

    Medium to bright light

    Twice a week

    Ideal temperature

    Did you know?
    This plant is also known as ‘goose’s foot’

Plant Bio

Native to subtropical territories including Ecuador and southern Mexico, this jungle plant is actually a trailing vine and can grow to a remarkable 20m in the wild. It rapidly gained popularity in America and Europe due to its striking variegation, making it a prime choice for home decoration.

The syngonium family covers many species, which grow in a range of different hues. The ‘pink heart’ variety, for instance, is famously rosy, whereas the ‘feel green’ is (as you’d expect) a luscious green hue.

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