Boston Fern

Nephrolepis boston

This bushy little fern is a characterful plant, adding a touch of charm to any space.

Boston ferns grow in the shade in the wild, so low light conditions are perfect for this plant. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry and mist regularly, or even place in the bathroom for extra humidity. Though this fern’s leaves are beautiful try not to touch them too much - this is a fragile species that is best left alone.

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Key Facts

  • Origin
    Central America, South America, and Africa

    Low indirect light

    When top soil feels dry

    Ideal temperature

    Did you know?
    This plant is also known as the ‘sword fern’

Plant Bio

Originating in humid rainforests and swamps, the Boston fern has been a wildly popular houseplant since the Victorian era. Exotic plants were the height of fashion back then, and species like this flourished in the dark (and most likely damp) homes of the time.

This plant’s formal name, Nephrolepis boston, is derived from Greek, where ‘nephros’ means ‘kidney’ and ‘lepis’ means ‘scale’. This refers to the shape of the spores under the fern’s leaves. The ‘Boston’ comes from the fact that the plant was originally discovered in a large shipment of ferns sent from Philadelphia to Boston in 1894. What a nice surprise that must have been!

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