A cinematic classic reminiscent of the wild, wild west, the cactus is one of nature’s most striking plants.

One of the things that makes the cactus so enduringly popular as a houseplant is its easy-going nature. Having originated in the desert, it’s used to dry spells and sun, so water only when the soil is completely dry and keep in a bright, sunny spot.

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Key Facts

  • Origin
    Central and North America

    Bright light

    When soil is completely dry

    Ideal temperature

    Did you know?
    A particularly rare cactus once sold for $24,000

Plant Bio

One of the world’s hardiest plants, cacti are known to thrive where other plants cannot. Most species originate in desert conditions, where their sharp spikes (which this plant has instead of leaves) minimise water loss and keep hungry animals away. They first arrived in the UK in the 16th century, and since then have been a staple of every plant lover’s collection.
There are over 1,500 species of cactus that we currently know of, all of them unique in appearance and character. Some are short and squat, some are tall with two ‘arms’ (like the cactus emoji), and some hybrids even have brilliant, brightly coloured nodes on top that make them look like vibrant pin cushions.

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