Purple Pearl Echeveria

Echeveria purple pearl

Striking to look at yet simple to care for, this succulent plant is the perfect choice for beginners.

To care for your echeveria, place it in a sunny spot and keep it relatively warm (20-25°C is ideal). The best way to water succulents is using the ‘soak and dry’ method - simply place your plant’s grow pot in a dish full of water and allow the plant to take up as much water as it needs. Then, allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again.

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Perfect for beginners

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Key Facts

  • Origin

    Bright light

    Water sparingly

    Ideal temperature

    Did you know?
    The more sun this plant gets, the pinker it will be

Plant Bio

Hailing from Mexico, the purple pearl echeveria is an enduringly popular houseplant choice. The echeveria family boasts over 150 species, each beautifully unique in its markings and shape. This ‘purple pearl’ variety is named for its plump, rosy nodes, which set it apart from other succulents.

In the wild the echeveria grows in some tough conditions, including rocky planes and vertical cliff faces. This hardy nature makes it the perfect choice for plant newbies or anyone looking for low-maintenance greenery – it’s almost impossible to kill.

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