Kentia Palm

Howea forsteriana

An excellent air-purifier and generally good-looking plant, the kentia palm is one of our bestsellers.

Keep your kentia in partial shade for the best results, although anything up to medium indirect light will be fine. Water once a week and when its leaves are getting dusty, give them a little once-over with a cloth to keep your plant healthy.

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Key Facts

  • Origin

    Low to medium indirect light

    Once a week

    Ideal temperature

    Did you know?
    The palm tree traditionally symbolises eternity and immortality

Plant Bio

Lord Howe island, a tiny mass of land off the coast of Australia, is where this particular palm originates and is still the only place it grows in the wild. The kentia was discovered there in the 18th century and named accordingly – Howea forsteriana.

The kentia palm has been a popular houseplant in the UK since coming here in the 1870s, mostly due to its exotic feel and the fact that it can withstand low light conditions. In fact, Queen Victoria was reportedly a huge fan, and insisted that palms were placed around her coffin at her funeral.

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