Monstera deliciosa

Beautiful to look at yet easy to care for, the monstera deserves every ounce of social media clout it gets.

Monstera plants are native to Central and South America, so they like warmth, light, and moderate moisture. Place in a sunny room and check weekly, watering when the top inch or so of soil feels dry.

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Key Facts

  • Origin
    Central and South America

    Medium to bright indirect light

    When top soil feels dry

    Ideal temperature

    Did you know?
    There are over 50 known varieties of monstera

Plant Bio

Though we now keep our monsteras in decorative pots, in the wild they will trail up the trunks of jungle trees. This is to gain the most access to light, helping them to survive in sparsely lit but densely populated areas. This easygoing nature is just one of the reasons that monsteras are so popular.

There’s also no denying that this plant is special to look at. The signature holes in monsteras’ leaves are actually called fenestrations, meaning that they are entirely natural and not a sign of illness or decay. It is these holes that gives the plant its most common names, including Swiss cheese plant or five-holes plant.

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